Sedation Dentistry

Many patients experience significant fear or anxiety when dental treatment is planned. Quite often, this fear is the result of a very negative dental experience from the past. The fear and anxiety are real. It is very difficult and in some cases impossible to eliminate these feelings on your own.

In order to help alleviate your fears and anxieties, we have equipped our dental Fort Worth office with stereo headphones with XM radio, which helps to mask the sounds of the appointment with your own choice of music. We also have nitrous oxide and oxygen gases, which are inhaled through a nosepiece, and can help the vast majority of patients relax.

If a stronger sedation is needed, oral medications can be prescribed before the appointment. These oral medications combined with the nitrous oxide and oxygen gases enable most patients to “sleep” through their appointments. The sleep is light enough to be safe, yet deep enough to make the visit comfortable and pleasant.

At our Fort Worth dentistry office we want our patients to enjoy a comfortable and relaxing environment without the anxiousness sometimes associated with dental treatments.

Dr. McKay and Dr. Fowler offer expert restorative and cosmetic dentistry to the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex, and the surrounding communities of Aledo, Weatherford, Granbury and Stephenville. Call us today to reserve an appointment, and take the first step to the beautiful smile you deserve!

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