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Growing up with tiny and crooked teeth that also has spaces between them was not a very fun experience. I was constantly made fun of by people around me saying my teeth look like that of a fish. As an adult I was told by a modeling agency that they would only sign me if I get my teeth fixed. Considering I could not afford it at the time, I was unable to sign with that agency.

The first day I became Dr. McKay's patient, I asked questions regarding my options of getting my teeth fixed. The entire staff provided me with all the information I needed as well as a financing option. This brought that dream of improving my smile closer to reality. They went as far as creating a demo of what my teeth would look like after the surgery by taking the measurements of my teeth.

After careful consideration and consultations with Dr. McKay, Dr. Fowler and their staff, we proceeded with the surgery and it was very successful. I have no regrets at all and quite frankly I can't stop smiling! I am totally satisfied with the way my teeth and my smile looks.

Having Dr. McKay and Dr. Fowler as my dentists, has removed my childhood fears of dentists. I am always comfortable when I go to their office. It's like going to the spa! The staff is very friendly. It's been great having dentists I can truly recommend. The way I see it, you are always in good hands with anyone in their office.

Thank you Dr. McKay and Dr. Fowler for letting me show off my self confidence through my smile.


Before After

I have been a patient of Dr. McKay and Dr. Fowler for over ten years and unlike most people, I like going to the dentist. I love the fact that everyone knows who you are and greets you with a genuine smile. They know your name, ask about your family and go out of their way to make you feel comfortable. In addition to the usual cleanings and fillings, I underwent extensive cosmetic dental work. While I have always thought I had a pretty smile, Dr. Fowler and his team have given me a beautiful smile! I have so many people compliment my teeth and my smile. My self-confidence has improved significantly because of the work done at Dr. McKay and Dr. Fowler's dental office. I highly recommend Dr. McKay and Dr. Fowler to anyone looking for a great dentist. I also think they have the best team of hygienists, dentals assistants and office staff assembled. Thank you all for your amazing work.

"Dr. Fowler, I wanted to thank you so much for all of your help and understanding during my latest tooth ailment. You have gone far above and beyond what any other dentist would have. Thank you so much. Your patient for life."
- Rhonda

"Dear Dr. Fowler, The care and skill provided by you and your staff are absolutely appreciated."
- Grant

"Dear Dr. Fowler, With my Dad's recent passing, I wanted to let you know how much your personal efforts meant to him and to me. May God continue to bless you and your family as you contribute to the lives of others."

"Dear Dr. Fowler and all the miracle workers, Than you for making my smile beautiful! You are all blessings to me."
- Kathryn

"Dear Dr. Fowler and staff, I came into your office as a stranger in extreme pain. You didn't even hesitate to take care of me. I have never before been treated so lovingly like that outside my family. Thank you! Your office is truly remarkable!"
- Sarah

"Dr. Fowler and team, THANK YOU!!! What a blessing you have been to me! Never doubt what an incredible ministry you all are a part of -- you are an answered prayer! You have loved on me, encouraged me, prayed for me and I am now able to sit in the dentists office without anxiety! Thank you for going over the top those first couple of visits to make me feel at home in your office! Your kindness speaks volumes! I appreciate my second visit when each one of you came by to check on me, give me a hug, a pat on the shoulder and a smile. You are truly God's tools and have been incredible ministers of his love! Thank you."
- Kim

"Dear Dr. Fowler, Thank you for my beautifully restored and enhanced teeth! I am very lucky to have found you. You are most talented and cutting edge. There is nothing better than a perfectionistic dentist. I look forward to many years with you and your staff."
- Jennifer

"Dr. Fowler, Thank you so much for taking care of my grandson's tooth so quickly. He was a stranger to you and yet you treated him like on of your own patients. He said he did not feel any pain and was quite relieved. May God bless you for your kindness and well-trained hands."

"Dear Dr. Fowler and all the wonderful girls in the office, Thank you so much for making my smile perfect! You all went out of your way to take such good care of me right before leaving for college and Rush, and I can't thank you enough-I'm smiling all over Alabama! Roll Tide!"
- Madison

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"Thank you Dr. McKay and Dr. Fowler, for letting me show off my self-confidence through my smile." Click here to see Nene's before and after pictures and to learn more about her case.

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